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Vent Swab Samples:
Cloacal swabbing is an excellent method for collecting sample specimens from the cloacal area. Cloacal samples may be collected by gently inserting the appropriate swab into the cloaca. It is best to moisten the swab with sterile H2O before inserting it into the cloaca to prevent the dry swab from causing excessive tissue damage. Once the swab is inserted into the cloaca, gently rotate the swab several times. Then gently remove the swab from the cloaca and place the swab in a sterile container. Be sure to use the appropriate size swab. Swabs may be sent in conjunction with blood samples to get a more accurate representation of each bird.

Environmental Swabs:
Collecting environmental samples allow you to evaluate possible bacterial or viral problems in aviaries, nest boxes, nurseries, brooders, incubators, air-filters, food, cages, countertops, veterinarian offices and other areas. This type of sample collection can accurately identify the presence of many different types of pathogens. Environmental swabs can also help determine whether proper disinfectant and cleanup procedures have been used in previously infected areas.

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Avian Biotech International
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