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Category: Parakeet-Psittacula

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Moustached ParakeetPsittacula alexandri
Red-breasted ParakeetPsittacula alexandri
Layard's ParakeetPsittacula calthropae
Emerald-collared ParakeetPsittacula calthropae
Blyth's ParakeetPsittacula caniceps
Nicobar ParakeetPsittacula caniceps
Blue-winged ParakeetPsittacula columboides
Malabar ParakeetPsittacula columboides
Plum-headed ParakeetPsittacula cyanocephala
Derbyan ParakeetPsittacula derbiana
Mauritius ParakeetPsittacula echo
Echo ParakeetPsittacula eques
Alexandrine ParakeetPsittacula eupatria
Andaman Island ParakeetPsittacula eupatria magnirostris
Newton's ParakeetPsittacula exsul
Finsch's ParakeetPsittacula finschii
Grey-headed ParakeetPsittacula finschii
Slaty-headed ParakeetPsittacula himalayana
Intermediate ParakeetPsittacula Intermedia
Rothschild's ParakeetPsittacula Intermedia
Indian Ringneck ParakeetPsittacula krameri
Ring-necked ParakeetPsittacula krameri
African Ringnecked ParakeetPsittacula krameri
Long-tailed ParakeetPsittacula longicauda
Malayan Longtail ParakeetPsittacula longicauda
Blossom-headed ParakeetPsittacula roseata
Seychelles ParakeetPsittacula wardi



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