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Category: Lory-Trichoglossus

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Scaly-breasted LorikeetTrichoglossus chlorolepidotus
Perfect LorikeetTrichoglossus euteles
Yellow & Green LorikeetTrichoglossus flaviviridis
Meyer's LorikeetTrichoglossus flavoviridis meyeri
Goldie's LorikeetTrichoglossus goldiei
Rainbow LoryTrichoglossus haematodus
Blue-headed Rainbow LoryTrichoglossus haematodus caeruleiceps
Pale-headed LorikeetTrichoglossus haematodus caeruleiceps
Edward's LorikeetTrichoglossus haematodus capistratus
Deplanche's LorikeetTrichoglossus haematodus deplanchii
Forsten's LorikeetTrichoglossus haematodus forsteni
Green-naped LorikeetTrichoglossus haematodus haematodus
Black-faced LoryTrichoglossus haematodus intermedius
Massena's LorikeetTrichoglossus haematodus massena
Mitchell's LorikeetTrichoglossus haematodus mitchellii
Blue Mountain LoryTrichoglossus haematodus moluccanus
Swainson's LorikeetTrichoglossus haematodus moluccanus
Swainson's Blue Mtn LoryTrichoglossus haematodus moluccanus
Dark-throated LoryTrichoglossus haematodus nigrogularis
Rosenberg's LorikeetTrichoglossus haematodus rosenbergii
Red-collared LorikeetTrichoglossus haematodus rubritorquis
Weber's LorikeetTrichoglossus haemotodus weberi
Iris LorikeetTrichoglossus iris
Johnstone's LorikeetTrichoglossus johnstoniae
Mount Apo LorikeetTrichoglossus johnstoniae
Mindanao LorikeetTrichoglossus johnstoniae
Ornate LoryTrichoglossus ornatus
Ornate LorikeetTrichoglossus ornatus



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