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DNA sexing at Avian Biotech.
Learn about all different diseases and how they may affect your aviary.

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Avian Biotech International (ABI) is dedicated to providing the avian community with the most accurate and reliable testing available, guaranteed results, and affordable prices. We set the standard for excellence in avian DNA-based sexing and bacterial, viral and fungal disease testing.

Avian Biotech's state-of-the-art laboratory is located in Tallahassee, Florida, with a satellite office, Avian Biotech UK, located in Truro, United Kingdom. Each laboratory is staffed by highly experienced technicians who process thousands of DNA assays from the United States and around the world. We look forward to serving your testing needs. For additional information please contact us at 800-514-9672, or e-mail us at: contact(at)avianbiotech.com

Take a look at the various assays we use and view images of DNA sexing, fingerprinting and disease testing results.
ake a look at what we see and learn how we are able to identify your bird's sex from a small DNA sample, as well as different disease causing bacteria, fungi and viruses.
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What is realtime PCR

Realtime PCR Slide show - principle of using realtime PCR and TaqMan® Probe

Real-Time PCR: the TaqMan® Method

Cloning 101
The ability to create a clone used to be science fiction. Dr. Ian Wilmut's group changed that in 1997 with the creation of Dolly the sheep. Since then, applying the technique to clone human beings has been an ongoing debate.

Based on all the discussion, it may sound like cloning, humans or otherwise, is an easy process. Find out what is actually involved in the cloning process by viewing this short animation.

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