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 Frequently Asked Questions...


What is DNA?
This acronym stands for Deoxyribo-Nucleic-Acid.  It is a long, complex molecule carrying information in the form of a chemical code and dictates how the body and cells should form.


What is the average turn around time for testing?
Approximately 1 to 2 business days.


How do I get my results?
Preliminary results can be phoned, faxed or emailed. Certificates are usually mailed the following business day. You can also view your sexing results received within the last 30 days on our Results page.


How do I get my account number?
Just give us a call or email us. Your account number can also be found on the right hand corner of the mailing labels.


How should I ship my samples?
Regular mail is OK, however if you are working with a limited amount of time please send them via overnight mail. Priority mail is not guaranteed by USPS. Blood vials should be shipped in a padded envelope or box. To prevent further breakage please send eggshells in a box.


How much blood is needed?
Generally, 20-50ul of blood is sufficient for all our DNA based tests.


Can blood cards be submitted for disease testing?
Yes, but we prefer blood collection vials for disease testing rather than blood cards. Because of the extreme sensitivity of our disease testing, false positives may result from environmental contamination on the blood cards.


Which is more reliable, blood or feather testing?
DNA remains the same regardless of where it is extracted.  Both tests are equally accurate.


How many feathers are needed for testing?
We recommend sending at least five (5).


Are freshly plucked feathers necessary for accurate results?
DNA takes an extremely long time to break down, however, testing is likely to be more successful if feathers are freshly plucked.


Can molted feathers be used?
We do not recommend sending molted feathers simply because they tend to carry much less usable DNA, and we want to be certain that the feather is from the bird being tested.


Will feather sexing promote feather picking?
No. Feather picking is generally a neurotic disorder that is not started by plucking a few chest feathers from your bird.


Will the feathers grow back?
Feathers generally grow back in 4 to 6 weeks.


What tests can be performed using feathers?
DNA sexing and PBFD testing are the only assays we offer using feather samples. In the future, we will be able to DNA fingerprint from feathers as well.


Does a bird have to be a certain age?
From birth to death, DNA remains the same across all species, so there is no age range for the most accurate results.


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