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  Contact:  Amit Kumar Mishra
Location:  Jamshedpur, India

Business Name:mishras birds
Cell Phone:00919835350707
Web Site:mishras.in
Shipping:extra charges
Comments:bulk discount avaliable

Birds offered:(African Grey)  (Alexandrine Parakeet)  (Amazon)  (Bourke's Parakeet)  (Brown-headed Parrot)  (Budgie)  (Canary)  (Cockatiel)  (Cockatoo)  (Conure)  (Derbyan Parakeet)  (Eclectus)  (Fig Parrot)  (Finch)  (Great Billed Parrot)  (Guan)  (Hanging Parrot)  (Hawk-headed Parrot)  (Jardine's Parrot)  (King Parrot)  (Kookaburra)  (Lorikeet)  (Lory)  (Lovebird)  (Macaw)  (Meyer's Parrot)  (Moustached Parakeet)  (Parakeet)  (Parrotlet)  (Pesquet's Parrot)  (Plum-headed Parakeet)  (Quaker Parakeet)  (Red-bellied Parrot)  (Ringneck Parakeet)  (Rosella)  (Senegal Parrot)  (Other…) 

Note: This breeder may offer birds other than those listed. Please feel free to contact this breeder for more information.

Birds currently listed:

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